Thornhill’s Mastectomy Products Specialist

post surgery bra
Judy’s Lingerie Boutique has specialized in fitting mastectomy products for over 20 years. Our highly trained fit specialists will assist you with finding the right bra as well as a breast form in the proper size.

The majority of women find that wearing a prosthesis after surgery provides optimal weight balance and more confidence in their appearance. A good breast form should be comfortable and lightweight; additionally, it will:

• Balance weight equally on your shoulders

• Prevent your bra from moving around

• Balance your appearance

• Allow you to wear the clothes you already have in your closet

Come in for a personal fitting consultation and select from Judy’s Lingerie Boutique’s wide selection of mastectomy products.

Post-Breast Surgery Bras

The appropriate bra following surgery is essential to reducing discomfort and avoiding further inflammation and swelling. Feel feminine with natural post-surgery bras and breast forms from Judy’s. Maintain an active lifestyle while feeling balanced and secure with a custom-fitted specialty bra.

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