Custom-Fitted Bras

From demi to racerback, sizes 32A-52H, Judy’s Lingerie Boutique carries a bra style for every support level.
We provide bra fittings for the utmost in comfort and security.

Our fitter will take measurements and determine your bra size. She will then show you a variety of bras of your
size in different styles and colours, according to your preferences. Your fitter will ensure that the bra you choose
fits well and gives you the comfort and the look you want. A bra that fits properly will give you good support and
uplift, making your waistline noticeably longer and slimmer.

At Judy’s we have bras and corsets for special occasions as well as everyday basic and lacy bras. The proper
fitted undergarment will not only give you comfort, but will enhance your outfits.

Retain the support you need while feeling feminine and beautiful with our soft, breathable undergarments.